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  • 5550 Painted Mirage Rd Ste 140 Las Vegas (Northwest) NV 89149

Your property gets one first impression! Make it count.

I leverage high-quality photos with professional descriptions to attract buyers from all over to make offers on your property. View us online on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Considering selling your home?
Find out why more home sellers use Greg King to sell their homes.

98% of my listings sell above list price. I make it my business to know the market to ensure we get the highest possible price for our sellers. Studies show that the highest value is achieved in the first 30 days, so getting it right the first time is essential.

Sellers don't need an agent to sell their house. They need an agent to sell their house for more! If your property sold for the same price, no matter who sells it - it probably would be in your best interest to sell the home yourself. In that case, why pay any agent?

- The fact of the matter is we can sell your home for more. We have the track record we do because we are experts at pricing the property (using a specific supply-demand analysis before even looking for "comps") and experts at creating the most significant amount of exposure of your property.

One of our most tremendous benefits is allowing you to cancel the listing at any time. Most agents will not give the consumer this right; You might ask yourself why agents need to "lock you up" for four to six months. Why would they be afraid to give you the right to cancel? My philosophy is that I would rather strive to earn your business every day. I am confident that I can provide superior service and care. If I don't, I don't deserve your business. It is that simple.

Ready to Sell

Call or email me now to receive your property report and pre-listing packet via email.

Once I've reviewed your listing package, then what?

- Contact me by email or phone, and we can set an appointment.
During that appointment, I will tour the home, go over recent market activity in your area, and make recommendations for maximizing your profit and increasing your speed of sale.

I look forward to selling your property. Schedule an appointment now.

- Greg | Broker-Salesperson | Realtor ®

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